Jamspheres Wellesbourne Album Review- 07/30/2013

Reboot The Robot has been labeled by many different terms since its inception in June, 2008; terms such as indie, underground, emo, and scene. Jon Ware, the twenty-six year old behind Reboot The Robot, has heard them all. In just 3 ½ years, Reboot The Robot has released 4 albums, been featured in a national music magazine, garnered a guitar sponsorship through Verite Guitars, and earned thousands of fans through hard work, relentless promotion, and plain persistence...click to read the rest of the article

Confront Magazine Wellesbourne Album Review- 08/07/2013

Reboot The Robot is a one-piece acoustic band (Jon Ware) from Cheyenne WY.  Formed in 2008, they were named one of AMP Magazine’s “Unsigned Bands You Should Know” in 2010.  “Wellesbourne”, the fourth album of the band, came out July 30th...click to read the rest of the article


Interview with AMP Magazine- 11/30/2010

Acoustic bands and musicians are starting to get on the bandwagon as one of the most popular forms of music today. With my background in music, I was pretty sceptical when I first heard of acoustic rock. During my high school days, acoustic rock meant emo music, and that was something I wanted to avoid...... Click for rest of article.

Feature in the Air Force Times- 01/07/2011

 Jacob Voth scribbled words in a cramped compartment below the pitching flight deck of the aircraft carrier John C. Stennis, listening to a high-frequency, heavy metal jam session just around the corner from where he was standing watch.....Click for rest of article.

Feature in Warren Sentinel- 09/30/2010

 In 2008, Senior Airman Jon Ware, 90th Security Forces Squadron, started a new project.

With just his acoustic guitar and a $10 voice recorder, one of Air Force Global Strike Command's own started recording songs and posting them on a MySpace page called Reboot the Robot.

Before long, he started to see a fan base forming, which was further inspiration to write more songs....Click for rest of article.

Interview on Bassment Entertainment

 Jon Ware, originally from Upper Heyford, Great Britain, is the creative mastermind behind the band Reboot The Robot. Forming the band in Cheyenne, Wyoming, he has gone on to grow quite a hefty fan base on Facebook, nearing close to two thousand.  Jon is currently the only member of his band stating, "Band members are limited to just ....Click for rest of article. 

Interview with MyHits 106.1

 Here is the complete interview with Jon from Reboot The Robot that was part of the show on 12/14/11....Click here to hear interview.

Hotel Cafe Junkie Feature- 07/01/2011

 You gotta respect the musician who is doing it all himself. Just sitting in front of a camera, recording the songs he writes from his heart and then posting it online for all the world to see. It takes guts, man. Reboot the Robot consists of that one gu....Click for rest of article.

When All We Have Review- 12/11/2009

Nascent indie rocker Jonathan Ware organized Reboot The Robot in 2008 and released a first EP, Nothing, Something, Everything in July 2009 and have now promptly released a second, entitled When All We Have.  For Ashley ,an earnest, angst ridden love song, tugs on the heart strings...Click here for rest of article.

Unsigned & Unleashed Interview

 Reboot The Robot is an unsigned singer from Cheyenne, Wyoming. We recently had the opportunity to ask him some questions and pick his brain about his style of music. He plans on releasing his first LP later on this year....Click for rest of article.